Kingston Bagpuize

Listening to people has always been a key part of the way we do things at Mactaggart & Mickel.

We strive to consult and engage with local communities and local authorities to determine what local issues can be addressed through any proposed development.

It’s the right way to move forward and that approach to community engagement proved to be integral to the success of our work in Kingston Bagpuize in the Vale of White Horse, Oxfordshire.

Our journey began when we identified strategically important land with untapped development potential off the village’s Witney Road.

We spotted its budding potential through analysis of the existing local plan and settlement boundaries where we thought land could come forward in a review of the existing local plan.

The next step was working out where it would be logical to extend settlement boundaries.

Once we were satisfied of the site’s merits, the next step was to make contact with the landowners and begin discussions over its future.

It certainly had lots of potential, but it quickly became apparent to us that it would make more sense all round if we could bring on board neighbouring land to make it a bigger site.

Thankfully, the two families agreed it would be great to work together to bring the site forward.

In fact, they liked the idea so much that they tested the offer on the market – which was of course well within their rights - and we ended up signing an agreement with them both in May 2014.

So far, so good but at that point the Vale of White Horse Council had introduced their local plan, and yet the site wasn’t allocated.

We made an approach to Vale of White Horse officials because there was a shortfall on residential land allocated and it turned out that we approached them at the right time.

We were given the green light to work with the landowners to turn a parcel of land into an area for much-needed new homes.

Then we took our plans to residents who initially opposed them but through a process of community engagement and public consultation events we worked towards resolution.

We did that by getting a feel for what they wanted to see delivered by development for the benefit of the community such as a new scout hall and support for cricket club boost.

A planning application was submitted in September 2015 and we secured planning permission by following June.

We took that permission to the marketplace and sold the site for 280 units to a Bloor Homes in 2018.

It’s now nearly complete which is extremely gratifying for two reasons: the landowners have unlocked the full value of their land and because the local community will be invigorated by lots of new families who are able to call a beautiful part of the world their home.

Project Highlights

  • 30 Acre Site
  • 280 New Homes
  • 40% Affordable
  • On site provision of a new Scout Hall

Meet the Team

  • Ken Hopkins Head of Strategic Land
  • Nevin Holden South West Regional Manager
  • Conor Roberts South East Senior Strategic Land Manager
  • Ken Hopkins

    Head of Strategic Land

    Ken joined Mactaggart & Mickel in 2008 after leaving the Board of Hallam Land Management

    He currently heads up the Strategic Land Business Unit within the Mactaggart & Mickel Group of Companies.

    Graduating with an honours degree in economics, Ken has some 40 years’ experience in the housebuilding industry in land and planning.

    Reporting directly to Group Chief Executive, Ken has established Mactaggart & Mickel as a significant name in the land promotion sector both north and south of the border.

    And another thing…in his spare time, Ken occasionally ruins a perfectly good walk with a game of golf.

  • Nevin Holden

    South West Regional Manager

    Cheltenham-based Nevin is an invaluable land and property professional celebrating 36 years in the house building and land development industry.

    Chartered Town Planner and Planning & Development Surveyor with proven track record of land acquisition, planning promotion and project delivery across the South of England.

    Track record of overcoming the most difficult and complex of situations.

    Takes a total approach to land promotion, provides a clear path to achieve desired outcomes while maintaining a commercial perspective and an accommodating, friendly approach.

    And another thing…judging by his own words, Nevin is a budding poet: ‘Often comments and quips, that has been involved with, or employed to undertake, every part of the development land promotion or housing building process, aside from laying the bricks.”

  • Conor Roberts

    South East Senior Strategic Land Manager

    London-based Conor boasts 15 years' property industry experience.

    Expertise ranges from Sales to purchasing sites for individual niche developments, parcelling together large-scale developments and progressing Local Plan allocations.

    Relentless drive to getting a result no matter what hurdles are thrown in front of him.

    Adaptive/flexible with a personal, common-sense approach, helping break down a complex planning system, simplifying the process to cut through the red tape whilst being friendly and extremely commercially minded.

    And another thing…Conor won the ‘best boxer of the tournament award’ at University in Liverpool against the Irish Universities Select Team.  Now in training for a 2021 Ironman event.